Psychic × Ghost is a kinetic visual novel about a foursome of college sophomores with psychic abilities who investigate and hunt down ghosts across America.

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Allison's father had been obsessed with the after life all her life. Until one day he got tired of searching, murdering his wife and children in a bid to force the issue. And it worked. The young Allison woke in a blood-soaked room to find herself an orphan and host to new, supernatural abilities. A Psychic.

Ten years later, the woman enters a special college among others of her kind. People who passed on then Returned. This college trains Psychics to master their special abilities as they master history, science, and the arts. Ambitious students like Allison vie for a position as a Number, one of the elite college field agents.

Field agents can leave the confines of the Campus and visit the outside world. But more importantly: they hunt Ghosts. Psychics who didn't entirely Return from the beyond. Insane and now super-powered, these entities pose a serious threat to humanity. As they have for centuries.

Allison and her classmates represent the latest in a long, dwindling, and only line of defense.

Psychic × Ghost characters